Zhongshan City Dongsheng Zhen Jia high frequency machinery limited company
Li Guocai Business Manager
Mobile phone: 13702377193
Phone: 0760-22822703 22822300
Fax: 0760-22822300
E-mail: zszhenjia@126.com
Q Q: 379550745
Website: www.zszhenjia.com
Address: Zhongshan City Dongsheng Town Kwai Hing Road No. 5 ( State Road 105 at the high hotel opposite)
Product Name:ZJ-5K/8K/10K
Product Detail:

Products description :

      PEVA, PVC, PU plastic welding, embossing, inflatable plastic goods, toys, shoes, bags / plastic fan, raincoats, furniture, car doors, seat / stationery packages, bags, umbrellas, terminal sheath, special coverage , welding hose, fixed-point printing / trademarks, sealing, drying and so on

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