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Excellent team, excellent staff
Excellent staff, support outstanding enterprise
Zhen Jia Machinery know the success or failure of the enterprise is the key to use, it is the so-called " wealth of two flourishing". We have the spirit of" appoint people on their merit, wide talent" principle of the use of people, and create a harmonious working environment and growth environment, let employees in an effort to finish the job at the same time, also can receive regular training, orientation training of professional knowledge, and constantly in all fields is improved, so that employees have a strong sense of achievement and a sense of honor.
Progressive, vibrant, innovative enterprises is the greatest wealth. Personal goals and business development goals, and create a new vitality and driving force machinery business atmosphere, to cultivate and attract around a large number of senior personnel, formed a vibration Ka machinery excellent business team. To become the development of the source of vibration ka.
Zhen Jia Machinery hire professionals: has engaged in high frequency plastic welding machine, high frequency machine, blister packing machine for more than two years sales experience is preferred, you are welcome to join!
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