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Zhongshan machinery and equipment
Limited ( sales hotline 0757-85560891 ) is a professional R & D and production of high frequency machines, high frequency plastic welding machine, high frequency heat sealing machine, ultrasonic mechanical equipment and plastic packaging machines, high frequency series of mechanical equipment the core components are imported high-quality accessories adopt mechanical equipment, so that to achieve durable, stable quality.

Enterprises to develop high frequency plastic welding machine, high frequency heat sealing machine, ultrasonic machine equipment and blister packaging machine equipment is dominant, the welding equipment: high frequency plastic welding machine ( the machine is suitable for welding or fuse all kinds of PVC leather embossed, embossing, synthetic leather, footwear accessories, motorcycle cushion, soft and hard film, all kinds of fine stationery, toys, soft lines PVC plastic boxes indentation, single double-sided plastic packaging ), ultrasonic plastic welder ( injection molding plastic welding ), blister sealing machine ( plastic parts and the paper edge stainless steel plate ), high-frequency heat sealing machine, heat shrink packaging machine Blister packaging machine. Company sales of all machines have perfect after sale service, machinery accessories such as: tube, capacitor, resistor, transformer, rectifier block, diode, oscillation bucket (HF barrel ), horn, a vibration head, high temperature tape, copper nail, fever tablets and other machinery and mold accessories are sold ... With vibration KA customer groups and expanding service aspects of continuous improvement, we have become a high frequency equipment industry leading enterprises! Here we thank the old and new customers to our high-frequency heat sealing machine, high frequency plastic welding machine High frequency series product of love!

Enterprises with a standard type and special type of manufacturing capacity, engineering and technical personnel for different user industries make the best configuration, its production process has always maintained a strict and pragmatic style, constantly designed to breakthroughs and progress, to ensure that the user in terms of production can receive the maximum economic efficiency.

In addition, enterprises with mold production department, a good imported mold material, in accordance with the samples, drawings to develop design various kinds of mold. Production of the die has high frequency die, blister, ultrasonic die, high frequency voltage mode; according to the various types of models achieve the best matching, minimally reduced the loss.

Company perennial professional staff engaged in equipment maintenance and repair, and commitment to equipment" one year warranty, life-long maintenance!" Welcome to call to consult and negotiate.

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Address:  Hing Road No. 5 ( State Road 105 at the high hotel opposite)Dongsheng Town KwaiZhongshan Zhongshan City

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